Podcasting begins

My stint on the Why Why Why Books Podcast has begun and my first episode is up.

This one’s on The Night Marchers and Other Strange Tales, Daniel Braum‘s first collection of short stories. It helped a lot to do my first episode with both a writer and a reader (Michelle Souliere) who I already knew well. Particularly when Dan and I had to do a bit of re-recording to get good quality audio.

Speaking of audio quality, a tip of the hat is due to Tanner Campbell at the Portland Pod, who recommended using Ringr to record interviews.

Further episodes are in the works–the next one’s close to editing, and interviews are already scheduled for the one after that, with books by writers from Iraq and Singapore.

Physical edition of Dan Braum's The Night Marchers along with ebook on an iPad

Podcasting and Storytelling

I’ve got a couple bits of news to share…

I’m teaming up with my friend Linda Mannheim on a podcast about books called Why Why Why. Our approach is that we talk to the author about why they wrote the book, talk to the edit about why they chose to publish the book, and talk to a reader about why they read it.

Linda’s starting things off with a set of episodes about books published by British indie presses, beginning with Rowena Macdonald’s The Threat Level Remains Severe.

I’ll pick up in late January to do six episodes on speculative fiction. I’m lining up the episodes now, and I think I’ll be bringing you some interesting conversations about some cool books. I’ll post more details once I know which episodes will be happening when. In the meantime, you can catch Linda’s episodes on iTunes or Soundcloud.

Locally, I’ll be hosting the Maine Organization of Storytelling Enthusiasts’ December 13th event at the Portland Public Library. That means I’ll be introducing anyone telling stories for the open mic portion of the show, as well as the featured storyteller, Vernon Cox. There’s a strong storytelling community here, so I’m sure there will be a good variety of well-told tales, and I know Vernon’s been preparing something special for his set.

Website Rejuvenation


The news at the moment is this website itself–it’s been thoroughly redesigned and remade.

It’s meant to be a place where you can find things I’ve written and news about the writing-related things I’m up to.

Many thanks to the team from Clockpunk Studios who did the re-envisioning and rebuilding–webguru Jeremiah Tolbert and designer Jenn Reese. Both of whom, by the way, are wonderful writers as well as talented websmiths.