Serial Newsletter

I’ve started sending out fiction through a monthly email newsletter, Notes from an Imaginary Place. Each installment will also be available as a podcast.

The first 26 installments will be an architectural alphabet, from Archive to Ziggurat (although not necessarily in that order…). Each one is meant to put you in another, fairly fantastical, place for 15 minutes or so of reading or listening time. You’ll meet manatee jockeys, hairdressers for the dead, office workers who moonlight producing somewhat mystical yams, and more.

Click below to sign up for the emails. I’ll include podcast links in each email (and you should also be able to find/subscribe to the podcast directly via your favorite podcast app or service).

Look further below for an archive of all the installments so far.

Recent Episodes


This episode, we go to an archive, complete with various birds, diaries, and instructions for saddling your sea creature. She’d traveled by flatboat up a canal of stagnant water and was restless as they drifted toward the mooring. She kept trying to count the buildings and kept coming up with different numbers. She could have […]

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A firefighter finds a new home in a new community. Along the way, there are fur-covered houses and six-legged whales. Static stung the firefighter’s fingertips. The doorframe was metal; everything else inside the house looked to be wood or stone. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw something move. On a tiny shelf […]

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