Serial Newsletter

I’ve started sending out fiction through a monthly email newsletter, Notes from an Imaginary Place. Each installment will also be available as a podcast.

The first 26 installments will be an architectural alphabet, from Archive to Ziggurat (although not necessarily in that order…). Each one is meant to put you in another, fairly fantastical, place for 15 minutes or so of reading or listening time. You’ll meet manatee jockeys, hairdressers for the dead, office workers who moonlight producing somewhat mystical yams, and more.

Click below to sign up for the emails. I’ll include podcast links in each email (and you should also be able to find/subscribe to the podcast directly via your favorite podcast app or service).

Look further below for an archive of all the installments so far.

Recent Episodes


The old kilns are being converted into cozy living spaces. The only problem is that they’re haunted, and not by ordinary ghosts. Officially, it’s just chemical residue on the walls and ceiling that glows with phosphorescence at night. But I know how well-scoured everything is by the time the refurbishing is complete. I see all […]

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An ecologist spends a summer in the dark and silent embassy as the honorary spy for the season. The isolation wore her down, watching gaggles of glad-handing politicians parley, posture, and passive aggressively bicker over trade and borders while none of them knew she was even there. She found days upon days of all that […]

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A worker in an ordinary-enough looking office has a secret vocation as a yam curer. This leads to some unexpected consequences. Although the last page of each briefcase’s printout is a map with instructions for where it should be left, the office workers leave the briefcases with additional flair that afternoon and evening. Not just […]

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An accountant begins to frequent a secret, or maybe not-so-secret, place. The prevailing culture in this region is resolutely practical, which may be why the people here find the folly so irresistible. They have to visit once to prove to themselves that it really exists. Then their memories nag at them until they come back […]

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Some years after an apocalypse has come and gone, a receptionist walks through a desert full of abandoned roads and becomes very aware of all the times that are not now and all the places that are not here. Under the underpass, she plays with hearing her own voice go out and the echoes return. […]

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