Interview and an older story posted online


Following the online event I did back in July with Robert Levy and Daniel Braum, there’s now an extended, written version of my conversation with Dan over at the Cemetery Dance website.

We talk quite a bit about my story in F&SF from this past summer, “Starblind, Booklost, and Hearing the Songs of True Birds,” but we also talk about the earlier stories set in the same world, “Sunfast, Shadowplay, and Saintswalk,” and “The Moonless, the Midnight Eye, and the Season of the Last Gate.”

“Sunfast…” is still online at Strange Horizons, but “Moonless…” has only been published in print magazines, and I’d gotten some inquiries about whether it was available to read anywhere. So I’ve added the whole story to my page for the story.

For anyone who’s been checking out my newsletter/podcast, Notes from an Imaginary Place, we talked about that, too, and I discussed a little of what I’m doing with the stories and the whole series.

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