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A reading, a newsletter, a podcast, and more

Several things are happening in the next month or two, including a reading, a newsletter/podcast, and a reprint of a review.

On Friday, November 12, I’ll be part of an online reading, An Evening of Folk Horror. I’m reading along with Sarah Walker, Eric Schaller, and Daniel Braum. We’ll be reading from our stories in the forthcoming anthology, The Dark Heart of the Wood (fundraiser/pre-order link). The reading will be live on YouTube or you’ll be able to check out a recorded version later. Although my story’s more folk than horror, the spookiness level of the other readers’ stories may vary.

Also, on October 20, I’ll be sending out the first installment of my newsletter, Notes from an Imaginary Place. The first sequence will be a set of new short stories that are meant to take you out of the ordinary for a few minutes.

There will be a parallel podcast, in case you’d rather hear me read the stories. I’ll post a link once everything’s set up, but it should be available through all the usual podcast services and apps.

Extra bonus note–one of my reviews from The Rain Taxi Review of Books is included in the new book, On Samuel R. Delany’s Dhalgren, which gathers a selection of reviews of the book and a number of essays about it, including several by Delany himself.


Podcasting begins

My stint on the Why Why Why Books Podcast has begun and my first episode is up.

This one’s on The Night Marchers and Other Strange Tales, Daniel Braum‘s first collection of short stories. It helped a lot to do my first episode with both a writer and a reader (Michelle Souliere) who I already knew well. Particularly when Dan and I had to do a bit of re-recording to get good quality audio.

Speaking of audio quality, a tip of the hat is due to Tanner Campbell at the Portland Pod, who recommended using Ringr to record interviews.

Further episodes are in the works–the next one’s close to editing, and interviews are already scheduled for the one after that, with books by writers from Iraq and Singapore.

Physical edition of Dan Braum's The Night Marchers along with ebook on an iPad