More podcasting and a new story in the fall


My second episode of the Why Why Why books podcast is now available wherever you get your podcasts. This one is on the Anthology Iraq + 100, which asked Iraqi authors to imagine life 100 years after the American and allied invasion. I talked with Anoud, the author of the lead-off story in the anthology, with editor Ra Page from Comma Press, and with Anna Simpson, who’d come across the book after her work as a futurist had taken her to Iraq.

My third episode is in the works and I hope to have it out before the end of June.

Meanwhile, I’ve got some news–I’ve got a story in the anthology Spirits Unwrapped, which is coming in October 2019. The idea of the book is to have writers create stories about mummies that aren’t the usual ancient Egyptian variety, so my story is about someone mummified in a Danish bog… and what happens after that. Various online and real world activities are being planned around the book, and I’ll share details about any that I’m involved in. There’s also a Spirits Unwrapped Facebook page, which is sure to have updates on anything that’s happening related to the anthology.

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