Starblind, Booklost, and Hearing the Songs of True Birds

Historian Vitalius Cotton’s brother has been cursed by prophecy since they were kids. Vitalius has a chance to return his brother to a normal life, but it probably bring huge changes to the city, it’s history, and Vitalius’ own life. “Starblind” is set in the same city as my previous stories “Moonless” and “Sunfast.” His […]

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New Andromeda Hotel

Here are aquatints of lost kings and queens, birdcages lined with maps of the heavens, and glass-covered boxes containing games with odd numbers of mismatched but exquisitely carved tokens and boards covered with intricate eye-bending geometries.

These are all forgeries.

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Fog Marsh

When Daniel Braum returned to the idea of the Spirits Unwrapped chapbook and decided to edit a full anthology of unconventional mummy stories, he asked me to write one of them. For the chapbook, I’d written about a mummy from the Taklamakan Desert brought to the court of Khubilai Khan (in “The Tenth Hat“). This […]

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Invisible Edge Cities: Calvino Remixes

I created a series of four flash fiction pieces for a gallery exhibition in early 2019 at Ohio Northern University. The exhibition featured comics and fiction created through the use of creative constraints, inspired by the Oulipo group, of which Italo Calvino was a member. I mixed word lists derived from some of the pieces […]

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The Daily Cabal

For about four years, I was part of group of writers who delivered a new flash fiction story every weekday at The Daily Cabal. During that time, I contributed a story or two each week.

I’ve got links to twelve of my favorites below.

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The Sky Green Box

Set in a rather strange future, this story includes a sphinx, a long walk under the ocean, and a main character whose head is shaped like the crescent moon.

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In the early days of the United States, a community that lives on trade via the canal system receives a visitor who represents a different kind of transportation.

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The Tenth Hat

When writer/editor Daniel Braum asked for a different kind of mummy story for his Spirits Unwrapped chapbook, I came up with this tale set at the court of Khubilai Khan.

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