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The mummy arrives and there’s an interview

So, the anthology Spirits Unwrapped is out now from Lethe Press, including my story “Fog Marsh.”

I was very happy to have the story included. It’s in great company among a really varied group of other mummy-related stories.

Here’s an interview I did with Daniel Braum, the editor behind the collection, in which he asks me about the story and a bunch of other things, and I ramble on a bit in a (hopefully) interesting fashion.

Podcast episode 3 & a mummy approaches

I’ve posted my third podcast episode. This time around, I spoke with Ng Yi-Sheng, author of the fabulous collection of Singapore-based speculative fiction, Lion City. I also talked with his editor, Jason Erik Lundberg of Epigram Books, and with Varun, who shared his thoughts on reading the collection.

I’m anticipating that I’ll have more news soon about Spirits Unwrapped (coming out in a month!) If I don’t wind up talking about my story in the anthology elsewhere, I’ll definitely do so here. I did a lot of interesting research in the process of writing my story and look forward to sharing some of the highlights. In the meantime, I see there’s a review over at Publisher’s Weekly.


More podcasting and a new story in the fall

My second episode of the Why Why Why books podcast is now available wherever you get your podcasts. This one is on the Anthology Iraq + 100, which asked Iraqi authors to imagine life 100 years after the American and allied invasion. I talked with Anoud, the author of the lead-off story in the anthology, with editor Ra Page from Comma Press, and with Anna Simpson, who’d come across the book after her work as a futurist had taken her to Iraq.

My third episode is in the works and I hope to have it out before the end of June.

Meanwhile, I’ve got some news–I’ve got a story in the anthology Spirits Unwrapped, which is coming in October 2019. The idea of the book is to have writers create stories about mummies that aren’t the usual ancient Egyptian variety, so my story is about someone mummified in a Danish bog… and what happens after that. Various online and real world activities are being planned around the book, and I’ll share details about any that I’m involved in. There’s also a Spirits Unwrapped Facebook page, which is sure to have updates on anything that’s happening related to the anthology.

Podcasting and Storytelling

I’ve got a couple bits of news to share…

I’m teaming up with my friend Linda Mannheim on a podcast about books called Why Why Why. Our approach is that we talk to the author about why they wrote the book, talk to the edit about why they chose to publish the book, and talk to a reader about why they read it.

Linda’s starting things off with a set of episodes about books published by British indie presses, beginning with Rowena Macdonald’s The Threat Level Remains Severe.

I’ll pick up in late January to do six episodes on speculative fiction. I’m lining up the episodes now, and I think I’ll be bringing you some interesting conversations about some cool books. I’ll post more details once I know which episodes will be happening when. In the meantime, you can catch Linda’s episodes on iTunes or Soundcloud.

Locally, I’ll be hosting the Maine Organization of Storytelling Enthusiasts’ December 13th event at the Portland Public Library. That means I’ll be introducing anyone telling stories for the open mic portion of the show, as well as the featured storyteller, Vernon Cox. There’s a strong storytelling community here, so I’m sure there will be a good variety of well-told tales, and I know Vernon’s been preparing something special for his set.

Website Rejuvenation


The news at the moment is this website itself–it’s been thoroughly redesigned and remade.

It’s meant to be a place where you can find things I’ve written and news about the writing-related things I’m up to.

Many thanks to the team from Clockpunk Studios who did the re-envisioning and rebuilding–webguru Jeremiah Tolbert and designer Jenn Reese. Both of whom, by the way, are wonderful writers as well as talented websmiths.