A behind-the-scenes look at preparations for King Arthur’s eventual return.

Various stories are told about the legendary King Vortigern, who ruled Britain a few decades before King Arthur came along. He is not a nice person in any of them.

“Vortigern” appeared in the December 2004 issue of the online magazine Ideomancer.

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The spiders come and go. They bring me the bricks with which I build the castle. From the silk litter they leave behind on the grass, I knit a dragon. So far, all I’ve got of the castle is a shin-high parapet sketching out the footprint of the walls-to-be. And of the dragon: no more than one clawed and gnarled foreleg. By the time the castle’s finished and furnished, I hope to have the beast complete as well, a giant balloon-skin. I plan to hold it over a bonfire on top of one of the towers I’m envisioning, let the silk swell with hot air and blood-colored light.With any luck, I’ll have all this completed before the king comes back.

Crow Man